About Skyzone Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd

Skyzone Tours and Travel is synonymous with premium travel products and outstanding service. Our value proposition comes from our natural instincts in knowing what travelers and holidaymakers are looking for. With more than 30 years in the industry, we use our extensive experience and unique knowledge to design curated group travel specially attuned to meeting our clients' needs.

We serve a global clientele bringing a diverse range of travelers, from sophisticated individual travelers to multinational corporations, to destinations around the world. We are also a proud partner of The Club where we supply curated tours to meet the demands of their members.

Our ever-expanding portfolio includes a mix of travel experiences for any length of stay including everything from landmark city tours to adventures in the great outdoors. Peaceful retreats, family trips, seaside vacays, cultural deep-diving - the list goes on!

Skyzone is more than just a Destination Management Company (DMC); we take care of our client's first-to-last-mile needs from global products designing to the creation & development of travel solutions. We pride ourselves on building strong, personalised working relationships with our industry partners which includes hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour and logistics partners, insurance providers and many more.

About President Rocky Kho

Travel can be many things to many different people but to Skyzone’s Founder and President Rocky Kho, travel is a holistic experience combining leisure, community and economy.

Rocky believes the vital ingredients that make travel special is more than just sightseeing and instagrammable opportunities; it is an experiential journey that connects people, rejuvenates the mind all whilst enhancing community livelihood and influencing the economy for the better.

Rocky’s deep involvement in the tourism industry has been the cornerstone of Skyzone’s success. From rudimentary basics of quality service to high level blueprints for Responsible Tourism, clients and partners all around the world find Rocky a confident associate to work with.
Rocky’s infectious impact influences the way the company manages itself in an increasingly fast paced business world and, in tandem with the speed of global commerce, he often inspires his team to accelerate and excel.
A key tourism influencer, Rocky has helmed a number of key positions at MATTA (the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents), the latest being the Vice President of Research and Technology for 2021-2023 after having helmed MATTA Kuala Lumpur Chapter’s Chairmanship for three consecutive terms and one as Honrary Deputy Secretary General.
In this personal capacity Rocky, a Personal Performance Coach and certified Masteries Practitioner at the International Association of Coaching, has a vision to groom the next generation of business leaders.


Skyzone’s Founder & President, Rocky Kho

Rocky Accomplishments in Brief

  • Executive Council of MATTA since 2014.
  • Vice President of Research and Technology 2021-2023
  • MATTA Kuala Lumpur Chapter Chairman for three consecutive terms from 2015-2017, 2017-2019 and 2019-2021.
  • MATTA Inbound Committee for two consecutive terms from 2015-2017 and 2017-2019.
  • MATTA Fair Organising Committee since 2014.


  • Asean Travel Forum & Mart 2014 Organising Committee. Held in Kuching of Sarawak, the event achieved record breaking feats with more than 1,000 booths occupied and over 100,000 visitors attending the event.
  • MATTA Cruise Sub-Committee.
  • MATTA E-Hailing Transportation Sub-Committee.
  • MATTA Visit Malaysia Year 2020 Working Committee.
  • Certified Masteries Practitioner of the International Association of Coaching