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The Aral Sea located at the boundary of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was considered as the fourth largest lake in the world. On the tour you can visit the graveyard of ships and spend the night in the tent camp and experience the daily lifestyle of the local Karalpak family.


Day 1 (Arrive at Nukus - Qungrad - Plateau Ustyurt - Aral Sea)

Places of Interest

  • Plateau Ustyurt
  • The Sudoche Lake
  • Aral Sea (Photographing Canyons)
  • Night in the Campside


Day 2 (Aral Sea - Muynak - Nukus)

Places of Interest

  • Monument to the victims of the World War II
  • The Cemetery of the Ships
  • The Necropolis of Mizdahkan (the Hodjeyli region)


Day 3 (Nukus - Airport)

Departure Flight


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Package Name
3 Days Discover the Wonders of Aral Sea